Monday, December 12, 2016

Movie & Book - my personal view

The book explains Gandhi's childhood in which appears his mother, his father and his brothers. Similarly, the fights seem are not real but in the film they are  very so stunning. In the movie when he fasted is very hard because we see him very ill. Raquel

I think the movie is the best because I don't have to read and I can understand more things and the movie explains the things better. At the same time I think the book is shorter than movie which takes 2 hours and however the book you can read in 30 minutes.  Marina

In my opinion the book is better because of different reasons. First, the film is too long and the book is shoter, another reason could be that the book starts when Gandhi is a child and you can understant the story better. The last reason isthat the film is old amb the book is new. Finally there are a lot of pictures and you can comprehend more easily. Elsa

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