Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Famous Quotes chosen by you!!

1. Mahatma Gandhi said that if I lived as if I had been to die the following day, 
   I learned as if I had been to live forever. Life - Mireia

2. Gandhi said that action expressed priorities. 
Life Priorities - Marta

3. Gandhi said that nobody could hurt you without your permission.
 Human feelings- Ànnia

4. Gandhi said that morality was contraband in war.  
War- Sohayla

5. Ghandi said that you had to be change you wish to see in the world. 
Change - Gerard 

6. Gandhi said that he was his message.  
Life -  Damary

7. He said that peace was your own reward.
 Peace - Elsa

8. Gandhi said that in a gentle way, you could shake the world.  
Truth - Raquel

9. Mahatma Ganghi said that my life was my message. L
ife - Esther 

10. Gandhi said that action expressed priorities.
 People -  Laura

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