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Gandhi was born in India in 1869. He became froma good family and when he was 18, he went to Great Britain to study. Then, in South Africa he fought for the Hindu's straights. 21 years later he returned to India and fought against for the independence of India. In 1948 someone killed Gandhi and all de world cried for it.


India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world. It is more tha 4500 years old. In 1500BC, the population was divided into a hierchary of groups of grups or castes. Today India has got the second largest population in the world, with 1.13 billion citizens. Most Indians speak English but there are 18 official languages spoken in India.


Were outisde the caste system. The unchtable did the wors jobs. They clered the streets and collected rubbish. They formed the majority of the population.




CHAPTER 4: Gandhi arrived in Duban, South Africa, in 1893. He was expelled from the train beacouse he was not white. Finaly, he was returned to India.

CHAPTER 5: The family of Gandhi went to Africa. Gandhi tried to spread his ideas( Hindus ideas) and he learnt a perfect English with the Indians. He made his family to eat with knife and his family was angry with this.


CHAPTER 7: When the war ended, the governament begat to take many of english civil rights from the indians. Gandhi started a non-violent resistence but, one day, in a meeting in Amristar while over 10000 people were listening, a lot of soldiers began to shoot at thecrowd. After it, the Indian people decided to wear only Indian clothes, the atmosphere became too hostile and Gandhi was arrested. Indian population was divided between the Moslems and Hindus.

CHAPTER 8: This chapter explains that the Indians boycott the committees that the British were sending and thanks to that, they declare the independence and the beginning of a non-violence resistance campaign. Gandhi wanted to demonstraite against the salt tax and went to the sea with a lot of followers to take salt and the British took Gandhi to jail because he committed a crime. A year later Lord Irwin and Gandhi signed an agreement to stop the resistance.

CHAPTER 9: While Gandhi was in England, the agreement with Lord Irwin began to fail and Nehru and other leaders were arrested, Gandhi decided to go home. The Gandhi's wife, Ba, became very ill when he was in prison. Family of Gandhi let him be with her wife and a few days later she finally dead.

CHAPTER 10: British people leave India divide in two countries: Pakistan and India. Between India and Pakistan were a lot of fights. A lot of people died. Gandhi started to fast and after three days the fight ends.

CHAPTER 11: Gandhi was walking, suddenly a shoot him three times. Peolple burned Gandhi's body, his son took his ashes and throw it to a river. Millions of peple followed the urn to the river.

CHAPTER 12: After Gandhi was assassinated, the PrimenMinister Nehru spoke to the people. People from allower the world sent messages of condelence. The British representative to the UN called Gandhi ´´The friend of the porest, the loneliest and the lost``. He added´´Gandhi's greatest seccesses are still to come``.

ARRANGED MARRIAGES: In India, it was common for parents to arrange marriages for their children before they were 15.
Today child-marriage is illegal, but many Indians still practise it.

GURUS: A Guru was a spiritual guide. It was usually money, a valuable present, or the completion of a special task for the guru.


  1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi will be a political thinker indi. It is known as the Mahatma or Mahatma Gandhi. Fou one pair of independence of the Indian nation and the disappearance of the Raj