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Chapter 1-2

1.Why did Ishmael decide to become a sailor?

He was looking for adventures, he lived in a boring town and he spent a tedious life.

2.Why was Ishmael frightened of Kwee-Kweg? Because of his appearance.

3. How did Kwee-Kweg react when he discovered Ishmael in his bed?

He took out his hatchet.

4. Why did Ishmael and Kwee-Kweg talk to Captain Peleg?

Both were looking for a job as sailors.

5. How did Kwee-Kweg show he was a good harpooner?

He threw his harpoon over the ship and he got an oil´s stain in the sea

6. What happened to the Pequod’s captain on the last voyage? He lost his leg.

Chapter 3-4

1-What did Ishmael learn about Capitan Ahab from his appearance?
He was fierce

2-What was the dispute between Capitan Ahab and Stubb about and how did Ahab react to Stubb’s suggestion?

Ahab made noise and Stub was angry.

3-What prize did Capitan Ahab offter the frist person to see Moby Dick?

A Spanish coin for the first sailor to see Moby Dick.

4-How do the men attack a whale?

Using harpoon boats

5-What happened to Ishmael on his first experience in a harpoon boat?

He was afraid and he fell into the sea

Chapters 5-6

1. The sailor weren’t happy with Captain Ahab. Why?

Because they had caught one whale, Captain Ahab only wanted to hunt Moby Dick

2. Explain why Captain Mayhew didn’t hunt Moby Dick any more.

He lost one his sailors, Moby Dick was the most dangerous animal he had ever seen.

3. Why did Stubb take Pip into the harpoon boat and what was the result?

A Stub´s sailor hurt his hand and Stub needed another sailor. Pip was frightened and he almost drowned.

4. Did Stubb keep his promise not to rescue Pip again? Certainly yes, he did.

5. Why did Captain Ahab want to take care of Little Pip? What happened because of this?
Both were close to die. They only knew what a person could feel.


1. Why did Capitan Ahab want to speak to Captain Boomer?

Because he saw his artificial arm and he knew Boomer had fought Moby Dick.

2. What did Moby Dick have in his tail? Why? Some harpoons

3. What is Captain Boomer’s attitude towards Moby Dick?

He gave up hunting, it was a very dangerous animal.

4. Kwee-Kweg made a strange request. What was it?

He asked for a wooden box.

5. Why is Pip sad? He thought Kwee-Kweg had died.

6. In the end, Kwee-Kweg didn’t die. How does he explain this to Ishmael?
No fewer can kill me if I don´t want to die. Only a whale or some terrible disaster can kill me.


1. What did the capitan of the Rachel want from Ahab?

Some help to rescue his son and his lost sailors.

2. What was Ahab’s response? He refused it.

3. Why didn’t Ahab go down to this cabin at night? He sensed Moby Dick was close.

4. What is the significance of the birds?

They often follow whales to eat some of their food. But superstitious sailors often see the birds as a bad sign.

5. What happened after Moby Dick’s tooth caught on the side of the boat?

The boat broke in two. Moby Dick freed his tooth from the boat and escaped, Ahab fell into the sea.

6. Some of the Pequod’s sailors fell into the sea during the attack on Moby Dick. What happened to them?

Moby Dick swam away, the sailors on the Pequod pulled the captain and his sailors out of the water.


1. How did the men feel about the final hunt for Moby Dick?

Time to say goodbye, ready to die. They were terrified.

2. How does Ahab respond to Starbuck’s warning?

Certainly I may die. You´ve been a wonderful first officer and I thank you.

3. What did the sailors and the carpenter do all nigth after the first attack on Moby Dick?
Repair Ahab´s boat and get everything ready

4. Why does Ahab want to shake Starbuck’s hand again? Maybe they don´t meet anymore.

5. What happened to the men in Ahab’s boat on the third day?

The sailors in Ahab´s boat stood quietly for a minute, then they shouted that the Pequod was disappearing.

6. How did Ishmael survive for one day after the other died?

I saw Kwee-Kweg´s box mysteriously and I held the box for one entire day and night. It was my salvation.

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